Monday, August 25, 2008

daily bread...

I’ve been back and forth to New York TWICE! in about as many weeks- so much has happened! So much time spent in airports, taxis, and cafes mulling over what fantastic things to bring to the pages of Cerulean for Fall. And as frequent traveler, I have a singular mission when away from home- make every meal count. There is nothing more tragic than to waste an opportunity to experience local cuisine when traveling somewhere exotic, or somewhere that simply has a lot of amazing food to offer! Like the time I visited Costa Rica, only to see Americans lined up at a KFC… don't even get me started.

While I try to fully live this mission every time I travel to New York City, making sure to hit my favorite restaurants and cafés, or to try a new place or sample some ethnic fare, work often keeps me from lingering over meals or traveling to far flung neighborhoods for that certain bite to eat. But now this problem is solved in the form of Le Pain Quotidien. I can guarantee even meals on the go are worthwhile when spent here.

A chain (I know… but trust me) of bakery/ eateries originating in Brussels has come to the US and now has outposts in most every NYC neighborhood. No matter what part of town I may be in, I am surely within walking distance of a Le Pain Quotidien, or if not, its worth the walk.
The original idea was simplicity itself- simple and inspirational food based around bread with only three ingredients (water, flour and salt). Le Pain Quotidien offers great tasting food, prepared naturally and organically in a European café setting where each restaurant has a communal table. As they say, it is sharing of time and space with other people in the restaurant that adds to the experience (although there are individual tables for the squeamish). Sit next to locals or travelers from afar while you sip your tea with rich organic honey or enjoy a tartine (French open face sandwich), wine or coffee. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you are never far away from a worthwhile meal. One the go or whiling the day away, I feel like I have made the meal count when at Le pain Quotidien.

Le Pain Quotidien has locations all over the world- click here to find the closest one to you!

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