Saturday, September 20, 2008

gone to the dogs...

Cerulean announces its first foray into the world of doggie paraphernalia, featuring all kinds of goodies by Charleston, South Carolina based Harry Barker (isn’t that cute!). With a bevy of items for the pampered pooch, including towels in the shape of dog bones, treats in delicious (and whimsical) flavors, and tennis balls in fun colors, you are sure to find the right gift for your friend who loves their dog or your own furry friend!

Harry Barker only uses quality, all natural ingredients in their treats, so you an be sure to feel good spoiling your pet with cheese grits or country bacon flavored biscuits. But the best endorsement we can give???

Cerulean mascot extraordinaire, Julep (pictured below), gives them two paws up! When the box arrived to our offices the other day, the seal had barely been broken before Julep came tearing through the halls with her nose twitching back and forth. The smell of treats seeping out of the tin, packaging and cardboard box and made its way to her little nose as she slept in the other room. We’ve never seen her so excited (nor is she known for having a very talented nose, so we are really saying something here). She taste tested a few treats and definitely approves! Now just uttering the words Harry Barker make her sit up and beg!

Our favorite pampered Scottie dog, Milly, loves her pink trim bone-shaped towel after baths (which she hates) and swimming in the pond (which she loves). Doesn't your dog deserve better than your leftover, torn up towels? If they are truly pampered, they sure do.

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