Thursday, November 20, 2008

the best part of traveling is coming home...

While we spend our time in pursuit of travel, the holidays simply make you want to go home. Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like a crackling fire, gusty cold winds outside, and something warm and full of spice in the oven. We spent our Thanksgiving Holiday with family on the coast, and I am always amazed at how empty the summer homes are during the colder months. Why do these people who frequent their homes all summer long skip out on one of the most beautiful times of the year at the beach? Walks on the beach are more enjoyable when there is no one around and the waves are crashing under a gray sky. Fires made of driftwood crackle with a warm glow and bonfires on the beach welcome family and friends around cocktails and grilled food.

Of course travel is always the hot topic of conversation when family gathers, and I love hearing people recount their recent adventures. It inspires me to try new places, see new things, and catch a glimpse of the times they’ve had. After a few tales from my uncle of float plane take-offs that were near misses, or heard the spices of the middle-east described in delicious detail, or learned the proper way to prepare conch fritters when there isn’t a full kitchen in sight, I am motivated again to head off on an adventure.

Stay tuned for where it will lead…

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