Saturday, June 20, 2009

destination: austin texas...

Austin is one of those towns that everyone says is fabulous. Great shopping, great music, great food, young and vibrant, urban and outdoorsy at the same time. A town of bicycles and Vespas, dogs on leashes sitting outside of sidewalk cafes, sculling on Town Lake, environmentally minded, music at the forefront, modern but TexMex through and through. I recently took my first jaunt to this great spot in the Texas Hill Country and am sharing a few of my favorite tips. I am sure I missed some of the best places while I was there, as time was limited, so if you feel passionate about a better BBQ hole-in-the-wall, or hotel, or boutique, send us your tips and we will share them, too!

Click here to see our must-do list for Austin!

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