Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Marrakech, Morocco...

(Guest Travelogue entry submitted by John Wilson, owner of Medina Baskets, and a Moroccan importer extraordinaire)

"Arriving in Marrakech by air from Casablanca is always a thrill. The city lies in a valley at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, and though it is twice the size it was when I started going in 1984 it is still a beautiful place surrounded by orange and olive groves.

As soon as I get into the old part of the city, called the medina, I am taken back to another era; an age before cars and cell phones. The smells are intoxicating and the light is exotic, especially toward the end of the day when the shafts of light angle through the shades placed above the narrow streets to deter the harsh mid-day sun.

One of my favorite things to do in any part of Morocco is just wander through the serpentine streets, drinking in the experience as a passive observer of their lives. In contrast to most of America, life is lived in the streets. Children play, old men sit and watch the world go by, and everyone is very present to the next moment. They are not hiding in iPod-world. They are out there and watching, looking for the next moment to unfold.

Eat at the big square, sit in the cafes, get slow roasted lamb (mechoui), visit the royal palaces, and of course shop in the souks. Bear in mind that bargaining is fun and should not be seen as an insult.

Above all, love the people and the Arab culture, which values heart, family, friends, health and happiness above all other things. We have much to learn."

Thanks John!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

gone to the dogs...

Cerulean announces its first foray into the world of doggie paraphernalia, featuring all kinds of goodies by Charleston, South Carolina based Harry Barker (isn’t that cute!). With a bevy of items for the pampered pooch, including towels in the shape of dog bones, treats in delicious (and whimsical) flavors, and tennis balls in fun colors, you are sure to find the right gift for your friend who loves their dog or your own furry friend!

Harry Barker only uses quality, all natural ingredients in their treats, so you an be sure to feel good spoiling your pet with cheese grits or country bacon flavored biscuits. But the best endorsement we can give???

Cerulean mascot extraordinaire, Julep (pictured below), gives them two paws up! When the box arrived to our offices the other day, the seal had barely been broken before Julep came tearing through the halls with her nose twitching back and forth. The smell of treats seeping out of the tin, packaging and cardboard box and made its way to her little nose as she slept in the other room. We’ve never seen her so excited (nor is she known for having a very talented nose, so we are really saying something here). She taste tested a few treats and definitely approves! Now just uttering the words Harry Barker make her sit up and beg!

Our favorite pampered Scottie dog, Milly, loves her pink trim bone-shaped towel after baths (which she hates) and swimming in the pond (which she loves). Doesn't your dog deserve better than your leftover, torn up towels? If they are truly pampered, they sure do.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a cerulean world...

Cerulean was presented with a very special gift by one of our long-time customers who adores our fun accessories (especially the Toms, she says!). Little did I know that you could customize a box of Crayola crayons, but low and behold, I opened a big box of 64 to find nothing but the color cerulean, my favorite crayon and part of the inspiration of our brand!

As a child, and artist in the making, I adored the cerulean crayon in the box of 64 above all others (it didn’t come in the smaller boxes). When you picked it up, it didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary- almost a royal blue. But, oh, when you drew, it was vibrant and exciting and entirely unexpected. This became my fall back crayon-of-choice, and the thought has always stuck with me.

As an adult, the color reminds me of so many (slightly more sophisticated) things. As our mantra states, cerulean is the tie that binds exotic locales from across the globe, from the skies over Patagonia, to the waters off the coast of Thailand, the front doors of casitas in Mexico and the headdresses of the Moroccan sheiks. Cerulean is the color of languishing beside tropical waters, and of pangas and Moorish tiles.

It will take ages to go through all 64 crayons- expect some notes in your next shipment, hand written with none other than our new cerulean crayons!