Monday, December 5, 2011

Packing Light with Color

Leaving this week for an impromptu and (and short duration) trip to Europe to visit family. On such occasions, when planes, trains and automobiles will all be used within a 48 hour period, I try my best to pack light. Well… I said try.

The easiest way to pack light at this time of year is to stick to black, gray, or chocolate brown and pack a few colorful accessories. The same black pants you wear one night to dinner can be worn again sightseeing another day if you switch scarves or accessories. By doing so, the suitcase can stay light and easy.

I can’t make the trip without my dark brown riding boots I’ve had for the last 12 years,, even though they definitely don’t fall into the “packing light” category. Nevertheless, they are coming along for the journey, so my carryon will have to get over it. I plan to wear them with just about every outfit on the trip, whether casual or dressy, day or night.

Here are a few of the accessories that are making the journey to liven up and freshen up my simple staples for travel…

This blue silk ruffle scarf looks cute with along sleeve tee wandering around inside a museum, but can feel dressy too. The color has such punch!

Im wearing this scarf on the plane- obsessed with this color for Fall and Winter! And the soft feel will be comfy as I try to catch some z’s on the flight.

Never get tired of these statement necklaces- and the orange color is so warm with chocolate brown! I plan to wear it under a tweed jacket with jeans and riding boots.

These bracelets are lightweight and so easy to pull on (they are stretchy!) but give some depth to a simple outfit without me having to think about it or ake a decision. Armful of bracelets?? Done.

This necklace is so chic with all black: picture thick black tights, and oversized black sweater and this gold necklace. A little bit reserved 60’s chic, I think. Katherine Hepburn in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner???

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Eats NYC

In the heat of the summer, I have a hard time working up much of an appetite for anything but ice cream and fruity cocktails- healthy, right?? but seriously, something fresh and cool made from the best of the summer fruits and vegetables is right in line with what I'm craving this time of year, and its fun to eat what is in season and available at one of the many farmer's markets that have popped up across the country in honor of the summer bounty.

On a recent last minute jaunt to New York I tried a new restaurant worth mentioning that makes the most of the season's vegetables. Rouge Tomate serves up healthy and fresh fare in midtown Manhattan without leaving you wanting, like some healthy fare often does. Fresh and seasonal is made gourmet and exciting in this mod dining spot, while the fresh juice bar and artisan cocktails keep you hydrated and, well... lubricated (as we say of a good cocktail). I would think even a meat and potatoes kind of gal could enjoy this menu without realizing she was eating lighter.

The place has been open a while, so this is no newcomer to the scene, but its new to me since I usually stick to my standbys when dining in NYC- or at least, my standby neighborhoods. It was nice to try something in a part of town that I usually feel is a good-food desert!

The chef, who worked under some of my favorite chefs, including Daniel Boulud, collaborated on the menu with an in-house nutritionist to develop food that has "a social and environmental consciousness" and follows "a balanced approach to sourcing and preparing food". If it sounds complicated, don't worry. The menu and the meal are straightforward and simply delicious!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Fun

We have been terribly absent on the blog lately but as they say, no news is good news. Been busy enjoying some summer fun on the water! We tried our hardest to plan some exotic getaways this Spring and early summer and had to watch the plans go out the window at the last minute every time... so I'm afraid I don't have too many fabulous travel updates! But we will fix that soon.

In the meantime, we can at least look great around town shopping the Thursday afternoon farmer's market with our Moroccan basket full of summer corn and tomatoes. Or wearing my current favorite- this ruffled coverup looks great at the pool. Or dining al fresco with friends late at night with a casual outfit but some fab accessories.

Send us your travel stories so we can live vicariously through you until our next jaunt!