Wednesday, December 31, 2008

celebrating the holidays...

Happy holidays from cerulean! It has been a pleasure being a part of so many memories-in-the-making this holiday season. As we wrapped each present and shipped it off to its recipient, we have no way to know the many stories that will be told and the memories made from all the gifts exchanged and the packages sitting on doorsteps. The beauty of the internet is that showing you care about the people you love is only a click away! We have enjoyed helping you celebrate this holiday with your loved ones!

As for my gift giving, rest assured that all the women in my life received lovely little items purchased overseas in foreign marketplaces, or from artists turned textile designers, or from the newest accessory designers. Everything under my tree is wrapped in the signature Cerulean turquoise tissue that always puts a smile on people’s faces around my house!

With a new year upon us, and thus the obligatory New Year’s Eve celebrations, I am already envisioning glistening clutches and sparkling accessories for a memorable night on the town. Click here to visit our how to wear section, where we outline the best accessories for any festive outfit this New Year’s Eve! I will be attending a Joie de Vivre- Night in Parisbenefit at an art museum that promises to carry on until the early hours of the night while we dance amid sculptures and paintings galore to bands and DJs, one after the other. Never one to be underdressed, I have picked out the most fabulous Grecian column and am accessorizing it with long dangling Indian Earrings. Here’s to fireworks in the New Year!

But what are all our fabulous Cerulean customers and friends doing to ring in two-thousand nine??? One of our dearest customers is whiling away the hours in sunny Key West at the Marquesa hotel, where I had one of the best dinners of my life several years back. Another friend and great Cerulean supporter is dancing the night away as we speak in some club in Jordan- who knew? I just got a text message that the New Year has already rung in the Middle East. Still others are in New York, and Santa Fe, and Paris, and places closer to home.

Let us know where you are spending YOUR New Year's Eve!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a page from your travelogue...

One of our favorite Cerulean customers shared photos of a recent trip around the world trip, beginning with a romantic weekend in Paris and ending with a relaxing stay in several locales across Thailand. You might see Cerulean accessories in a few of the pics we are sharing- sandals, sunhats, shimmering necklaces and pareos from our stock were packed along with sumptuous scarves and wraps to cover the temperature swing from snowy Paris to steamy Thailand and back! Enjoy the images as we all dream of being there, too!

Monday, December 15, 2008

westward ho part III...

Part III:
Stayed the first part of the trip at a cozy bed and breakfast run by an adorable young couple- the perfect place to lounge by the massive stone fireplace while it snows outside and sip wine or maybe something warm. But better views and deluxe suites began to call our name, and we made our way up the butte to Amangani, a luxury resort right outside of Jackson Hole, for the remainder of our stay in Wyoming.

The Aman Resorts are all over the world- but only in exquisite natural locations and always with less than 30 suites. It was quite an upgrade from our quiet inn, now having expansive views of the snowy Tetons from every window. It was perched precariously on a rock face some 1000 feet above the valley floor and featured glorious architecture that perfectly melded rustic lodge with mid century modern. The service was impeccable, the food was delicious, and the company exciting. Let me just say that a very well-known British couple who loves soccer and stilettos enjoyed the lobby fireplaces next to us last night.

It was more difficult than I can describe to leave my corner suite with fireplace and cocktails on call to get in the car for the long drive home. Why is it that a road trip sounds exciting before you set out, but seems miserable on the way home? Should have planned ahead. I think most guests leaving the Amangani do so on their private plane, but the trusty Volvo awaits, along with almost 2000 miles.

Visit Amangani at

Saturday, December 6, 2008

westward ho part II...

We arrived to a Jackson Hole with no snow, fell asleep at our cozy bed and breakfast (where we are the only guests! Fantastic!) and awoke to a fresh blanket of snow. Just enough to do all the winter activities I had hoped!

We first headed out on a hike through freshly fallen snow- the first to blaze the trail- among picturesque Aspen trees under an amazing view of the Teton Mountains. I later went show shoeing through the Old Teton Pass, closed in the 60's when they built the new road, and saved for hikers and cross country skiers. Downhill-skied at a resort in Idaho with fresh powder snow and hardly a tourist in sight (ahhhh). I have a feeling the winding, iced-over road to get there is deterrent, but it makes it more pleasant for the rest of us! All in all, enjoying fresh air, sunshine, snow, and amazing gourmet food at every restaurant we try. What’s not to love?

I have to say, some people seem to think enjoying the out-of-doors and looking great are mutually exclusive. I disagree. Check out my new fur-lined trapper hat I have been wearing all over the mountain. Staying warm never looked so good! (humble, huh???)

Friday, December 5, 2008

westward ho...

We did it, as promised… an adventure. I woke up at 4 am yesterday and loaded the car with all kinds of gear to begin a cross country expedition. I love road trips and something about the new snow falling out west began to call me.

As my little Volvo wagon was pulling onto the interstate at such an un-godly hour (my body was not meant to be awake before the sun has fully risen) I instantly flashed back to a road trip of my youth. I was 7 years old and my entire family was loaded into my mom’s mini van as we set out for New Mexico and Arizona to deliver my brother to some back packing expedition during summer break. As I sleepily but excitedly sat wrapped in a sleeping bag on the back seat, I heard my dad say to my mom that no one on the road at 3 am was up to any good. I’m sure this innocuous statement was referring to the possibility of drunk drivers on the road, or kids joy riding looking for some trouble to get into, but my seven-year-old mind took the statement literally and became convinced that EVERYONE driving cars at 3 and 4 am was evil. I looked out the window and nice men on their way to work at some early shift, convinced they were robbers, pirates and worse. The statement my dad made has always stuck with me, and it crosses my mind to this day every time I get in the car really really late or really really early. Funny how kids seem to hear everything and never forget.

Back to the adventure at hand… 30 hours worth of driving through America’s heartland on my way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. While this long of a road trip may seem like torture to some, to me it is a time to relax and breath fresh air, see interesting landscapes and get to know new states. The wide open expanses and emptiness of Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Wyoming are amazing and beautiful. Every big-city dweller should be forced to make this drive just to see that the world does not revolve around their way of life (no offense meant, as a former resident of that New York City myself, but it has to be said). As we crossed a small crest in the landscape somewhere in Kansas, a wind field opened before us, perfectly dotted by an army of enormous wind mills. What a fascinating site, but encouraging about the resourcefulness of America. Tiny red lights blinked in unison on the tops of each slowly turning wind mill to warn passing aircraft. We would continue to see these fields as we crossed the west, and I am transfixed by the sight.

As the sun sank over the horizon last night, the landscape turned into a ridiculously beautiful, Bob Ross “Happy Painter” type picture. The land tuned to a black shape and the vivid sky lit up behind it in a display that makes you feel the strange urge to grab a paintbrush and capture the scene in some cheesy painting on black velvet. I see why those people make that horrible art! If I had to look such an amazing sky every night, I would feel compelled to do the same.

I promise, this is not a shameless plug for Cerulean products, but this morning as the sun rose over the Colorado prairies, the sky became an exact replica of a scarf we are selling right this minute. Pale golden yellow shifted to a light turquoise and I was struck. I don’t have a picture of the sunrise, but you can see the scarf by clicking here. Its as close as I can get you. (and its now on sale!)

We arrive in Jackson Hole tonight and I will bring you more tales of adventures in the snowy west as the week goes on!