Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Eats NYC

In the heat of the summer, I have a hard time working up much of an appetite for anything but ice cream and fruity cocktails- healthy, right?? but seriously, something fresh and cool made from the best of the summer fruits and vegetables is right in line with what I'm craving this time of year, and its fun to eat what is in season and available at one of the many farmer's markets that have popped up across the country in honor of the summer bounty.

On a recent last minute jaunt to New York I tried a new restaurant worth mentioning that makes the most of the season's vegetables. Rouge Tomate serves up healthy and fresh fare in midtown Manhattan without leaving you wanting, like some healthy fare often does. Fresh and seasonal is made gourmet and exciting in this mod dining spot, while the fresh juice bar and artisan cocktails keep you hydrated and, well... lubricated (as we say of a good cocktail). I would think even a meat and potatoes kind of gal could enjoy this menu without realizing she was eating lighter.

The place has been open a while, so this is no newcomer to the scene, but its new to me since I usually stick to my standbys when dining in NYC- or at least, my standby neighborhoods. It was nice to try something in a part of town that I usually feel is a good-food desert!

The chef, who worked under some of my favorite chefs, including Daniel Boulud, collaborated on the menu with an in-house nutritionist to develop food that has "a social and environmental consciousness" and follows "a balanced approach to sourcing and preparing food". If it sounds complicated, don't worry. The menu and the meal are straightforward and simply delicious!

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