Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moveable Feast...

I am a huge fan of the farm-to-table movement for several reasons. Practically, scientifically, and from a community standpoint, it makes sense. We should be eating what is freshest and what has traveled the least, sat in the fewest warehouses, been on the least number of ships and trucks. We should put our dollars into the hands of our neighbors, who will in turn spend them at our places of business. We should at least know what is grown in our home county at what time of year. 

But on a more superficial level, I just adore the thought of a long table of friends, family, and residents of the community gathered together in a beautiful spot for a fabulous meal.

With that in mind, we are hosting the first of what we hope will be many to come here in Fairhope, Alabama. Moveable Feast is hosting its first dinner Sunday, November 7, at the old Fairhope Dairy on Old Battles Road in Point Clear! We hope anyone within driving distance will get a ticket and come by! 

Visit our new site for all the details and the yummy menu!

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