Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Criss-Crossing The Mediterranean...

A friend and Cerulean customer (who always hosts our fabulous trunk shows in Nashville!) just took a quick jaunt to the Mediterranean and sent us some pictures! She has great taste in restaurants, hotels, and everything stylish, so we are trying to snag her list of must do's on both sides of the Med Sea. Until then, enjoy some of her snapshots! They started in Lisbon and made their way to Marrakech, staying at La Mamounia. So jealous!

Views over Lisbon

The Streets of Lisbon.

The marketplaces of Marrakech (calling to me!). Take a guide or you will be overwhelmed and lost in there forever looking at brass, silver and fabric!

Elaborate doors with inlay and stone leading to the bathrooms at La Mamounia.

Intricate stone, tile and plaster work in the room at La Mamounia.

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